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Where required and appropriate SciArcum has access to and operates within a larger network of national and international experts and partners, including clinical study SMEs in order to cover a most comprehensive portfolio of professional services.

Some network partners are listed below:

Areas of expertise: Partners:
Chemical and Process Industries Consulting: execon partners (CH/GER)
Medicinal Chemistry Consulting: transMedChem, Munich (GER)
Project Management/Bioprocessing/CMC: Hanakam-Consulting, Munich (GER)
Project Management/Preclinical R&D: punktgenau.Lifescience, Fürth (GER)
Quality Management:  Diekmann Consulting, Isernhagen (GER)
Business Communication & PR: Inspirative ONE (GER)
Corporate Design & External Presentation: Büro für Gestaltung (GER)


If you are interested in working with SciArcum, please send us an email or call Dr. Kurt Herrenknecht, mobile +49 (0)176 202 555 70.