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Based on the history and professional experience of the people behind SciArcum the company provides a comprehensive portfolio of services such as …

Analysis and Evaluation of:

  • Business concepts
  • Technology, Products & Services
  • Markets & Competition
  • Intellectual propery
  • Legal & regulatory requirements

Business Development support comprising:

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer relations management
  • Licensing & Partnering

Consultancy with regards to:

  • Business strategy
  • Company organization
  • Project management
  • Corpoprate economy
  • Clinical Study Management

Development of:

  • Communication & PR strategies
  • Product Launch campaigns
  • Business Networks
  • Internationalizations

All of the SciArcum services pursue a hands-on mentality and are strongly success-oriented. Many services are also provided in close cooperation with professional experts and partners who collaborate with SciArcum in an extended partnership network.